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A Court of Wings and Ruin Rant *cue me dying*

Warning: There are some NSFW words like the f word et cetera. Fair warning. Look, I didn’t want to loose my brain cells. If you feel like you’re losing your brain cells going through this review, you might be one of us. And once you know that, it’s only a matter of time before they sense it too, and they’ll come for you.

Rating: ⭐ star

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Reviews and Rants

City of Bones Review

The title is a clickbait (DID I CLCIKBAIT YOU DIVI?!). It’s not a review. You’ll understand soon *cough*

Hooman beings and aliens, I’m presenting to you, today, a song review for the ‘amazing’ book City of Bones based on the song Harry Potter in 99 seconds. Thank you dear song for existing🙂 Otherwise this song wouldn’t have been here.

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Reviews and Rants

Letters to the Lost captures my heart: A Review

“We’re all united by grief, and somehow divided by the same thing.”

Trigger Warnings: school shooting joke, grief, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, car accident, cheating, the death of a sibling, the death of a parent, alcoholism

Buddy read with all the people here! (Bhavya, Nashita, Mrunal, Stuti, Nefeli, Anshika)

This book is a freaking masterpiece!

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Reviews and Rants

This Savage Song ~A Gush/ Rant Review

“I mean, most people want to escape. Get out of their heads. Out of their lives. Stories are the easiest way to do that.”

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.25

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was my first V.E Schwab read and I am crying. How Victoria? How were you able to write such a beautiful book? How were you able to keep me hooked from the very first page? How were you able to keep it correct paced? How were you able to write a 469 pages book without it becoming boring? Its 469 pages! There has got to be some boring part! I didn’t skip one dam line! Not. A. single. Dam. Line. VICTORIA! YOU BLEW MY MIND!

Trigger Warnings:

  • Arson
  • Gore
  • Death of a parent
  • Suicide
  • Murder
  • Violence
  • Attempted murder
  • Blood
  • Mass shooting

Buddy read with Raina and Madinah!

I am not saying I read this faster than the *insert fast thingy*. I didn’t. I took 6 days. But, during those 6 days, every moment that I read the book, I could feel euphoria. And no, euphoria is not a drug. ‘Euphoria is the experience (or affect) of pleasure or excitement and intense feelings of well-being and happiness.’ I got that from Wikipedia. I seriously have no idea how to convey my happiness through the internet without ‘aanjksandjjsbdhsbfhsdsbjfdbj’ and ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’. Those two will be seen in the later part of this review.

“The beautiful thing about books was that anyone could open them.”

Also, who names a cat ‘Allegro’?

My brain is blank now. It cannot think of anything to continue this review. That’s how I felt while reading the book. Like I will never find a book more beautiful than this. Like I’ll never be able to speak normally. This book made me speechless! That may sound cheesy, but this book is just amazing I am so sorry Ahhhh why can’t I come up with a better review instead of just rambling about how great this book is, I should show how great this book is ahhhhh I am so confused. That’s how the book made me feel. *me to myself*Saints! Aashi! Stahp talking about your feelings and start the dam review you cockroach!

~Let’s start the review. *cries*~

This Savage song is the first book in the duology Monsters of Verity written by V.E Schwab who must have had a ‘time to make the readers fall in love and make their brains confused’ mind. Well, whatever her plan was, it worked! Because I am ~in love~

“You wanted to feel alive, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re monster or human. Living hurts.”

Everything about this book is great. Well…Almost everything. Otherwise, I would have rated it 5 stars instead of the current four stars. But we will come to that later. Firstly, I want to talk about the blurb. Look at how perfect it is.

There’s no such thing as safe in a city at war, a city overrun with monsters. In this dark urban fantasy from author Victoria Schwab, a young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—with the future of their home at stake. The first of two books.

Kate Harker and August Flynn are the heirs to a divided city—a city where the violence has begun to breed actual monsters. All Kate wants is to be as ruthless as her father, who lets the monsters roam free and makes the humans pay for his protection. All August wants is to be human, as good-hearted as his own father, to play a bigger role in protecting the innocent—but he’s one of the monsters. One who can steal a soul with a simple strain of music. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate, who’s just been kicked out of her sixth boarding school and returned home, August jumps at it. But Kate discovers August’s secret, and after a failed assassination attempt the pair must flee for their lives. 


Am I avoiding the actual review because I’m too scared, I don’t have enough brain cells to convey literally anything on the behalf of this book? Yes. Will I start my review soon? No.

“We are the darkest acts made light.”

This Savage song is the exception of every other disgusting ya books out there? Yes.

~For the first time, the boy and the girl don’t fall it love. LIKE HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?! ONE OF THE FIRST YA BOOKS WITH NADA ROMANCE. And it should stay that way! August and Kate might have chemistry or they don’t (according to me), but I like it the way it is now. I don’t want them to start having feelings for each other. Trust me, it would ruin the whole thing. Everything they built together gone! Reduced to atoms!

~No annoying female lead. And Oh my saints! She doesn’t throw blithering knifes yessssss!

~Amazing male character. I didn’t have to hit my head on the wall every three seconds.😁

~Lovely world! Though I obviously don’t want to live there. Or maybe I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do. Ladies and Gentlemen and people who are not ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed me arguing with myself. That’s what this book made me into. Tiny shards of stupidness.

This book will blow your mind! At least what’s left of it! Victoria has written this book splendidly that all the words that form in my brain are codswallop compared to hers. She is my new favorite author! I hope the duology doesn’t disappoint. I have high expectations for it.👀 I am currently read that book.

You know…you guys shouldn’t need me to convey how fascinating this book is through my review. The blurb or synopsis thingy is enough. It should have done the work already and you should have been reading this book between now and 30 days. I give you a month time to read it and rate it 4 or 5 stars and rant about how awesome it was and let me know when you post it and saints what am I doing? Ugh. Nevermind.

*sigh* I have to start the review shouldn’t I? Lets get on to it then…

I forgot the format oh wait nvm got it. Its in my head.

The Plot:

“Nobody gets to stay the same.”

The city Verity is crawling with monsters and only those who have the protection of Callum Harker can survive those deadly creatures. Unfortunately, evil dumbass Callum Harker only protects those with money and that too only those who reside in the northern part of the city. So, if you need protection and a good home, you need money. Case cleared. But what about those resting in the south? Are they free monster food? Yesn’t.

The south is protected by Henry Flynn and you don’t need money for protection there as there isn’t much protection they give. Yes, the Flynn people do go on a shooting hike now and then or frequently but there is a much chance you’ll get killed there. The only similarity between both Harker and Flynn is that they both harbour monsters. (Is harbour the right word?) The similarity ends there. Harker uses the monsters as his servants who do his bidding. Flynn’s monsters are part of his family. The monsters Harker has is not the same ones as the one with Flynn. Harker has only the Malchai and Corsai where as Flynn has Sunai. More info on the three types of monsters in the world building section.

“People are users. It’s a universal truth. Use them, or they’ll use you.”

There is a truce that the North monsters stay in the north and south ones in the south. But it looks like they are breaking now. Will it result in war or peace? Read and find out.

Kate Harker, wants to be like her father, ruthless and vicious *cough*pun intended*cough*. August Flynn wants to be just a kind and loving like his ‘father’ Henry Flynn but the problem is he wasn’t born to be a human. He is one of those monsters that ‘stain’ this world. No wait, not this world. Their world. The monster world. What happens when the children of two arch enemies meet? Friends or enemies? Death or Piece? Will it be a mind-boggling moment when Kate finds out August’s truth when he shows up as the new kid in Kate’s new school in Verity? This is gonna annoy people but READ AND FIND OUT!

The Writing:

The Writing, undoubtedly is the best part of the entire book. The way the words just curls and unravels the next is just marvellous! I still can’t believe how Schwab pulled off a 469 pages book making every part of the dam book intriguing! Like how?! TEACH MEH! I am really wondering! I just went with the flow and I cant think of a single part this book that made me think ‘eh’. (CANADIAN ALERT! I AM NOT A CANADIAN! I DON’T WANT TO BE ONE BECAUSE THEN I HAVE TO BE KIND!) Maybe I can, but that is irrelevant here because I am trying to make a point!

“Whatever he was made of — stardust or ash or life or death — would be gone.
Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
In with gunfire and out with smoke.
And August wasn’t ready to die.
Even if surviving wasn’t simple, or easy, or fair.
Even if he could never be human.
He wanted the chance to matter.
He wanted to live.”

The tone conveyed through some beautifully written sentences is just *chef’s kiss*. The perspective switched that of Kate’s and August’s and they were all just *chef’s kiss*. No ill business. The way the story unfolds through the wonder words is just *chef’s kiss*. It’s a wonder I am not screaming yet. Maybe I should. Hmm *smirks*

How I felt while reading every sentence:


Woah…that was a bit long. Pretty sure now no one would make it to the bottom. Who cares? *Me* *cries to herself*

The World Building:

“I live in a world where shadows have teeth. It’s not a particularly relaxing environment.”

The only problem I had with this book. It was not done in a good way. In a way that I would I have liked it too. With respect to the world building, for the first half of the book I was ✨Confusion✨. I understood literally nothing of the world. Well, a bit but you get the point, right?

My Questions:

  • Is the Verity the only city with monsters?
  • Is it set in the future?
  • How are monsters formed?
  • What type of violence makes which monsters?
  • How do you kill each monster?
  • How does this world/setting work?
  • How many times do monsters eat in a month?
  • What?

My Answers:

  • No Verity is not the only city with monsters. In the next book, we will find out about this city called ‘prosperity’ where Kate *goes*. That whole world is filled with monsters. Verity is not alone.
  • Yes. This is a dystopian book set in the future.
  • The monsters are formed when there is violence. Even a small murder though no murder is small births a monster. They tend to appear out of nowhere.
  • There are three types of monsters in this world. The Corsai are born of non-lethal acts of violence, The Malchai are born murders and the Sunai are born of mass devastation.
  • I still don’t know. Killing Corsai and Malchai is easier than Sunai. Many even consider the Sunai as invincible.
  • No idea.
  • Once a week is good. I think?
  • That.

I also loved this poem so I am gonna put it here!

Corsai, Corsai, tooth and claw,
Shadow and bone will eat you raw.
Malchai, Malchai, sharp and sly,
Smile and bite and drink you dry.
Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal,
Sing you a song and steal your soul.
Monsters, monsters, big and small,
They’re gonna come and eat you all.

The Characters:

Ooof probably the only book where I didn’t hate the characters.

August Flynn

“It was a cruel trick of the universe, thought August, that he only felt human after doing something monstrous.”

I love August. He is just ✨perfection✨ He is sweet lil shy potato who should be protected at all costs.

 I am not in love with him…Just wanted to clear that up.

August just wants to be a human instead of the ‘monster’ that he was born as. He tries to mimic the other humans and he also tortures himself by not feeding on souls like he should to stay alive. August is one of the three sunai who only feed on stained soul. Stained soul in the sense, those who committed violence. If anyone committed a violence, their souls shine red which makes it easier to identify.

“He wasn’t made of flesh and bone, or starlight.
He was made of darkness.”

I kinda related to August? Famous but not noticed. Trying to fit in, being someone he was not sounds so familiar. *cough*

I really loved his character from the very beginning. He just had this speciality in him um how do I explain this…you cant help but like some people right? Same goes for August. He was really brave. The only problem was he had self-esteem issues (WHY DO MOST OF THE YA CHARACTERS HAVE THIS?! THIS ONE IS SOOOO OVER-USED! and kept worrying ALL. THE. TIME. That could have been avoided and by reading this book, you can tell that he wont make a great spy and would kill anyone for doing the right thing. Poor fella who died in his hands.

“He could be the monster if it kept others human.”

Katherine ‘Kate’ Harker

“She cracked a smile. “So what’s your poison?”
He sighed dramatically, and let the truth tumble off his tongue. “Life.”
“Ah,” she said ruefully. “That’ll kill you.”

My two moods with Kate

  • Can I please slap you in the face?

Hey! At least I’m asking permission. Which means I likey her.

 She’s awesome. She’s cool. She’s a witch with a ‘b’. She’s beauty. She’s grace. She won’t hesitate to threaten you and kick you where the sun doesn’t shine. I told you I like her.

Kate wantedly gets kicked out of school (her record is 6 now! Ha! You cant beat the Persassy Jackson) because she wants to go to the one in Verity where the real monsters are so she could prove herself worthy and equal to her father. Classic😎 That bastard of a father doesn’t need attention. Kate is a much better human than him!

“But the teacher had been right about one thing: violence breeds.
Someone pulls a trigger, sets off a bomb, drives a bus full of tourists off a bridge, and what’s left in the wake isn’t just she’ll casings, wreckage, bodies. There’s something else. Something bad. An aftermath. A recoil. A reaction to all that anger and pain and death.”

Have to admit, I didn’t like her at first. Found her as the ‘typical ya strong female lead’. But man! THIS IS how a strong female character should be. Not the self-esteem egoistical annoying brats!

I likey her! You likey her too! *intense glare*

These two are the ones that appear a lot in the story. There is not much role for other but I’ll try.

Callum Harker

“Every weakness exposes flesh,” he’d said, “and flesh invites a knife.”

Imperial Bastard. A huge Prick. Worthless piece of trash. No wait, calling him a trash is an insult to trash. At least, we use trash before it becomes a trash. Couldn’t say the same for this pathetic excuse for a human who deserved to die slowly.


Henry Flynn

”Henry called it influence, but Leo had a better word: confession.”

A better father than that shitty Callum Barker! He is sweet just like his son August and I really liked his character. He kinda disappears after the starting as the story does not revolve around his place but I would have liked to see more of him.

He is kind and outgoing, and really helpful and I wish there is more of him in the next book. I want to see how he truly is. I cant judge his character after 5 pages. A man who treats the so called monsters as his own children? YES PLEASE!

Leo Flynn

“What do you want?” chided Leo. “To be ordinary? To be human?” He said the word as if it stained his tongue.

“Better human than a monster,” he muttered.

Leo’s jaw tightened. “Take heed, little brother,” he said. “Do not lump us in with those base creatures. We are not Corsai, swarming like insects. We are not Malchai, feeding like beasts. Sunai are justice. Sunai are balance. Sunai are—”

“Self-righteous and prone to speaking in third person?” cut in August before he could stop himself.”

I really don’t know what to think of him. He has a confusing arc which is really um confusing? 🥴 The ~incident~ which happens to him didn’t stir any emotions within me. I wouldn’t trust him but we could have got more of his thoughts? I mean, not from his perspective, that would have been awful. What I mean is, we could have more insight into why he did what he did. You have to read and find out what he really did. At least now, read to satisfy that curiosity rising inside you and don’t you dare see the spoilers.

Who do we have next?

Isla Flynn

“You can’t be here.”

“Can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, won’t,” she whispered. “No one saw me go. No one thinks to look for someone who’s always there. They are all looking for you.”

“How did you find us?”

“You tick, I tock,” she said, her voice so soft that only his ears could pick it up. “I would hear you anywhere.”

Do y’all pronounce her name as (Aye-lah like island) or (Ees-lah)? I pronounce her her name as ‘Aye-lah’. I don’t think we have to pronounce the ‘s’…hm whatever.

I like her! She is such a sweet kid and man! She created the Barren!? Phew! Same complain here too, I want to see more of her. Not just August and Kate again and again and again. Maybe we can have a chapter from her perspective? Maybe? I just want to know what goes on in her mind. If anyone comes for her, you are ded.


Sloan is a Malchai who works ‘under’ Callum Harker. This is one hell of a creepy man.




The Ending

I don’t know if I liked this ending or not…I wouldn’t say it was extraordinary. But- maybe I like it? Or I don’t? It felt normal actually… It could have been better. Though both going their separate ways was a really good way to end a novel.

“There’s a big difference between can’t and won’t.”

My thoughts

If you didn’t already guess it, I love this book. Like ~loved~ loved. Man! This was awesome and it will keep reminding me that yes. Victoria has more brain cells than me. Well, that wasn’t a surprise since I have very few. If you are still not convinced that this is a beautiful book here ya go.

How this book made me feel:


Phew! Don’t worry! You have made it to the end! Congrats! Now go read this book!

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So, I recently got approved for Two Scorched Men written by Margaret Atwood which was exciting like, Come on! Its Margaret Atwood we are talking about. She is an amazing writer! Or so I’ve heard. I shamefully say I haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale or any of her books.

I also wanted to try a poetry book after a long time a month. So what do I find on NetGalley? Yup, you didn’t guess it. Its Sick Girl Secrets.

“I used to believe that having a good memory was a blessing, but I am no longer sure. Maybe forgetting is the blessing.”

MArgaret Atwood

I first give my gratitude to NetGalley and Scribd for providing me with an digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


I was really excited when I got approved for a Margaret Atwood book. And I couldn’t expect anything less. I did feel a bit detached at first but soon I got the hang of it. This was short even for a novella but I enjoyed reading it. Especially after the beginning part which was, I am not gonna lie, it was actually really confusing and boring.

It did go in a slow pace but I think that was what this book needed. Atwood is expressing her gratitude to two of her real-life friends and that is what the ‘two men’ is based on. It was fascinating to read about the daily lifestyle during the war and after the war and how it affected many of its participants.

The two men here are John and François who met each other during their war service and bonded. John is an Englishman who rages at everything and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G except probably his sweet wife whom we don’t meet so we don’t know if that fact is true. François is a Frenchman who is funny, witty and choses to become a playwright after his service to the war. His plays aren’t exactly enjoyable and they also tend to include cockroaches and something stupid. After both of them cross 70, John constantly blames himself for any harmful incidents that happen to François telling to the narrator that he should be the one that should have experienced it.

By the end, this book is really good and it’s a short read so it doesn’t take much of your time. Atwood has her own style which I cannot help but bow down to. My only problem with this book is that the writing didn’t keep me hooked and it could have been more attached. It sure was touching but it just didn’t have the right dish to it. Excluding that, I loved this book and hope you will too

Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely! And even if you don’t like it as much as I did, its just 36 pages or so!

You can read my review for the same book on Goodreads here!

Have you seen the cover? See the stars and the constellations? They do look like snakes but that’s not the point. And do you see grass? Grass does look awesome at night. And the variety of colors in the night sky? They are in one way, the epitome of beauty and nature. The stars, night sky, grass et cetera. Is it in any way connected to the actual story-line or in this case poem-line of the book? No.

Firstly, I would like to thank both NetGalley and West 44 books for providing me with a digital ARC of this book.

Rating: ⭐⭐.5

Sick Girl Secrets is a poetry novel which revolves around a character named ‘Natalie’ who has to now use a wheel chair to go to school due to her disability. What is worse is that the school principal, a ignorant stupid prick isn’t helping in anyway. He demands so many things that she can only dream of having and that is where the poem revolves around. I really liked the story line, how it revolved and the way message it conveyed, just about everything but it didn’t give me ‘poetry’ vibes which I was looking forward to in this book.

It was just like

Words arranged

Like this, its beauty

Depicted in a poem format

Free verse poems are

The light to your soul

But at least they give off

Radiance of poetry

What is given here?

This was my only problem with the whole book and I just want to know one thing that happens at the end of the book. Do they succeed? Do all the spoonies succeed? Spoonies are all the disabled people and a spoon is like an ounce of your energy. Sick girl secrets shows how much there is a difference between a ‘normal’ person and a disabled person. But you see one common thing between the ‘normal person’ and ‘disabled person’, they are both ‘person’ (in this case, people) no matter what the adjective is. Treat them like a human being. They are just like you, me, she, he, they, it.

But something felt off in the whole book. Like some important key is missing. I couldn’t connect with this book and normally poetry connects with my soul. It and I are one but I don’t know why it couldn’t here. But I will just say this one thing. You will not be as disappointed (I hope not) with this book. It is really good and I request y’all that if you ever get the chance do read it. It’s a quick read and it wont take much of your time. I was satisfied even though there was something missing. This is one good book and the poet/author’s writing skills are okay too but I wouldn’t say the same thing about the poetry. It’s worth reading and is satisfactory, if that’s what you wanted.

You can read my review for this book on Goodreads here

Thank you for reading this review (or) thank you for taking an effort to check these out (or) thank you for checking this post. It means a lot time. Until we meet again!♥