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Aashi’s Guide to the ARC’s

Here I am trying to give advice on ARC’s with one month experience. Ladies and Gentlemen and people who are not Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get started.

Is there craziness bottled down inside you that jumps up every time you are making a bio or creating a profile or at random times? I am really sorry to say that you have to keep it bottled down while making your profile on NetGalley or any other ARC sites. It is not as fun as Goodreads :/

If some of you don’t know what arc’s mean, the are basically the short form for ‘Advance reader’s copies’. Arc’s are copies of books whether it is a physical one, digital one or an audiobook one that are given for readers before it is published for promotional purposes. And man! Is it hard to get approved for one!

Small advices to get started on NetGalley

  1. Have a professional bio

My disappointment could be heard across the seven oceans when I learnt that. Who would drop a chance to scare people with their insanity?! NOT ME! But unfortunately, here, your profile is one of the most important factors to get approved. You have to keep it professional and not-screamy.

Things you need to include in your profile

~ Where you review all the books that you read. This is really important because publishers look for reviewers who have wide accessibility for sharing reviews of the approved books. Some publishers won’t approve you if you just review on sites like Goodreads and Amazon. You need to have a blog or other reviewing platforms. (One of reasons why I created this blog)

~Your social stats. Let’s just say you have Goodreads then you have to include your followers, your ranks, number of friends (not compulsory). You have to also include your (if you have one) blog stats, you know, stuff like unique views, followers et cetera. And a small advice, do feel guilty if your followers count is 70 but you show it as ‘75’. It’s totally okay to do that.

~ A small introduction to yourself, what kind of books you like and your favorite authors.

~ Links to your reviewing sites. (Your profile has to be public)

Here is how mine looks. I hope you’ll don’t copy it letter to letter. Its not much of a profile, but it’s something!

Hello! I like to read regularly and share my thoughts about it on Goodreads and my new blog. I like to read any genre but my favourites are classics and fantasy (middle grade and young adult)

I like to write review for all the books I read and share my exact thoughts with the rest of the community.

Some of my favourite authors are Rick Riordan, Holly Black, Leigh Bardugo, Jane Austen, Enid Blyton and Harper Lee.

My social stats on Goodreads:
#13 most followed in India
#16 best reviewers in India
#6 top reviewers in India

Link to my Goodreads profile:

I am just getting started on my book blog:

Blog Stats:
Views: **
Visitors: **
Best views ever: **
Followers: **

Just don’t over express your excitement. Publishers are cruel hearted, heartbreakers, make others cry-ers, destroy your hopes strict people.

(Note: My social stats on Goodreads have decreased to 20’s as I was on hiatus for a week.)

2. Explore titles and publishers

Before you start requesting books, once check the publisher’s approval preferences. Some might not accept those who only post on sites like Goodreads or Amazon. Almost every publisher has a specific approval preference. If you don’t satisfy most of it, they might reject you. Well, there IS a probability of them accepting your request even if you don’t satisfy most of it just like how there is a possibility of them rejecting you even if you satisfy most of it.

See what kind of books you like and before you request a book, I am begging you, Check the publish date! Avoid requesting books that are/ will be published in the same month or within 30 days. Trust me, time is one thing that you’ll rarely find once you get the hang of NetGalley. Or any other sites for that matter.

3. Don’t over request

Once you create your profile, and do all the start up things, you will have the urge to request every single book that you lay your eyes on. Don’t. And before requesting, check the genre. TITLES ARE DECEITFUL! READ THE DAM DESCRIPTION! DON’T REQUEST BOOKS JUST BECAUSE THEIR COVERS ARE BEAUTIFUL. The last advice was an advice for me too.👀

Once you get the hang of it, start by reading ‘read now’ books because those are the books that you don’t have to be approved for. You might be rejected for many ‘hyped books that your friends are talking about’. That might sound rude but its the truth. Hey! That rhymed a bit! Make use of the ‘read now’ and ‘listen now’ books to improve your ‘feedback ratio’ and ‘the number of books approved and the number of books reviewed’.

~ ‘Feedback Ratio’

This is determined by the number of books you review after you got approved for it. The approval includes the read now books. I just got approved for a book and mine is currently 31%. Ahem *clears throat* moving on. . .

~ ‘The Number of books approved and the number of books Reviewed’

This thing is really important for most of the publishers. Let’s say ‘the number of books you were approved for is 12, then they expect ‘the number of books reviewed’ to be something around 10. You wouldn’t want the ratio to be 12:4 or 13:4(like mine) or else the publishers would have a hard time believing ‘I like to write a review for every book that I read’.

After you complete reading an arc, gather your thoughts together in the form of a review and send the feedback. Yay! Now your feedback ratio increases! I always love seeing it increase😌

Avoid the ‘I will not be giving feedback on this title’ as it might affect your performance on NetGalley. Try to come up with some sort of feedback and please. No 2-3 lines feedback. At least make in a big paragraph..

When you get approved for a book, most publishers want you to spread it as wide as possible. For you. If you have a blog post a review on that. You can post literally everywhere!

Blog ✔

Instagram ✔

Goodreads ✔

Amazon ✔

StoryGraph ✔

Tik Tok ✔

You can literally post it anywhere as long as its online. Well, you can post it on WhatsApp too if you want. Pretty sure the publishers wont be able to see them so…🥴

I reccomend you to read the digital editions on NetGalley Shelf app as the ‘Adobe Readers Edition’ tends to get messy sometimes. You can download the pdf only if you have ade. Shelf is better than ade, in my opinion at least. Don’t get me wrong, it does get CRAY CRAY but ade is CRAY CRAY-ier.

Read. Review. Repeat.

*Do NOT request books that you don’t want to read or get accepted for*

Things you shouldn’t be disappointed for

  • When the book that you really want to read is in ‘wish for it’. Wish for it books are those that are mostly not available in your region and you’ll have a 0.001% probability of getting them. Happens to me all the time because most of the hyped books are not available in India.
  • When you don’t like a book that you thought you would love. Don’t give up hope✊🏻
  • When your ratio decreases.
  • Most importantly, when you get declines for a book. This crushes most people’s hearts as they have high expectations. If you don’t get this book, you might get the next one. The one that sooths me is ‘Well, now my ratio wont decrease!’.

Lastly, books are all about enjoying with the occasional screaming, throwing the book, crying, emptiness after a character died, too much fangirling, crying, shipping, crying, and maybe a bit of happiness. YOLO

If you have any doubts, do let me know in the comments!



ARC'S · Reviews and Rants


So, I recently got approved for Two Scorched Men written by Margaret Atwood which was exciting like, Come on! Its Margaret Atwood we are talking about. She is an amazing writer! Or so I’ve heard. I shamefully say I haven’t read The Handmaid’s Tale or any of her books.

I also wanted to try a poetry book after a long time a month. So what do I find on NetGalley? Yup, you didn’t guess it. Its Sick Girl Secrets.

“I used to believe that having a good memory was a blessing, but I am no longer sure. Maybe forgetting is the blessing.”

MArgaret Atwood

I first give my gratitude to NetGalley and Scribd for providing me with an digital ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


I was really excited when I got approved for a Margaret Atwood book. And I couldn’t expect anything less. I did feel a bit detached at first but soon I got the hang of it. This was short even for a novella but I enjoyed reading it. Especially after the beginning part which was, I am not gonna lie, it was actually really confusing and boring.

It did go in a slow pace but I think that was what this book needed. Atwood is expressing her gratitude to two of her real-life friends and that is what the ‘two men’ is based on. It was fascinating to read about the daily lifestyle during the war and after the war and how it affected many of its participants.

The two men here are John and François who met each other during their war service and bonded. John is an Englishman who rages at everything and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G except probably his sweet wife whom we don’t meet so we don’t know if that fact is true. François is a Frenchman who is funny, witty and choses to become a playwright after his service to the war. His plays aren’t exactly enjoyable and they also tend to include cockroaches and something stupid. After both of them cross 70, John constantly blames himself for any harmful incidents that happen to François telling to the narrator that he should be the one that should have experienced it.

By the end, this book is really good and it’s a short read so it doesn’t take much of your time. Atwood has her own style which I cannot help but bow down to. My only problem with this book is that the writing didn’t keep me hooked and it could have been more attached. It sure was touching but it just didn’t have the right dish to it. Excluding that, I loved this book and hope you will too

Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely! And even if you don’t like it as much as I did, its just 36 pages or so!

You can read my review for the same book on Goodreads here!

Have you seen the cover? See the stars and the constellations? They do look like snakes but that’s not the point. And do you see grass? Grass does look awesome at night. And the variety of colors in the night sky? They are in one way, the epitome of beauty and nature. The stars, night sky, grass et cetera. Is it in any way connected to the actual story-line or in this case poem-line of the book? No.

Firstly, I would like to thank both NetGalley and West 44 books for providing me with a digital ARC of this book.

Rating: ⭐⭐.5

Sick Girl Secrets is a poetry novel which revolves around a character named ‘Natalie’ who has to now use a wheel chair to go to school due to her disability. What is worse is that the school principal, a ignorant stupid prick isn’t helping in anyway. He demands so many things that she can only dream of having and that is where the poem revolves around. I really liked the story line, how it revolved and the way message it conveyed, just about everything but it didn’t give me ‘poetry’ vibes which I was looking forward to in this book.

It was just like

Words arranged

Like this, its beauty

Depicted in a poem format

Free verse poems are

The light to your soul

But at least they give off

Radiance of poetry

What is given here?

This was my only problem with the whole book and I just want to know one thing that happens at the end of the book. Do they succeed? Do all the spoonies succeed? Spoonies are all the disabled people and a spoon is like an ounce of your energy. Sick girl secrets shows how much there is a difference between a ‘normal’ person and a disabled person. But you see one common thing between the ‘normal person’ and ‘disabled person’, they are both ‘person’ (in this case, people) no matter what the adjective is. Treat them like a human being. They are just like you, me, she, he, they, it.

But something felt off in the whole book. Like some important key is missing. I couldn’t connect with this book and normally poetry connects with my soul. It and I are one but I don’t know why it couldn’t here. But I will just say this one thing. You will not be as disappointed (I hope not) with this book. It is really good and I request y’all that if you ever get the chance do read it. It’s a quick read and it wont take much of your time. I was satisfied even though there was something missing. This is one good book and the poet/author’s writing skills are okay too but I wouldn’t say the same thing about the poetry. It’s worth reading and is satisfactory, if that’s what you wanted.

You can read my review for this book on Goodreads here

Thank you for reading this review (or) thank you for taking an effort to check these out (or) thank you for checking this post. It means a lot time. Until we meet again!♥