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Hallo my lovely dregs!

Hullo! My name is Aashi (not my name irl). I am an ambitious and aspiring student. I tend to be humorous and sarcastic with people I love but I won’t hesitate to hurt you. I am an avid reader who likes to read in all genres. I am an old soul but a kid at heart. A raging feminist!🔪

Am I in love with Freddy Carter or Kaz brekker or both~ a novel by me
Am I in love with Ben Barnes or The Darkling or both~ a sequel by me
Am I in love with Nikolai? Yes.~ a trilogy by me

Gryffindor | Cabin 3 | Divergent | Faerie | District 3 | Infj-t | Directioner | Swiftie | Music🎶 | Poet | Heartrender (or) Tailor | Crow |

I am one of those ranters who normal people stay away from. I love to rant and spend the whole day trying not to offend anyone with my awesome sarcastic nature. Even though I like to think myself as completely sane, I am apparently not.

Don’t be afraid to contact me! Let’s connect