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Things I get told as my job is being a permanent bookworm

Helo helo moi lovely dregs!

Here I am, stressed and depressed as ever 😀 back with another post to rid you of all your brain cells


Let’s get started

~things I get told because my job is being a permanent bookworm~

1. Since I read, I must know some complex words such as ‘elated’ and ‘explicit’


The person who said this to me was a friend of mine. He is a very good kid. Finishes his work the very day it’s assigned. Kinda got upset when I told him he’s got a ‘gay’ smile. Idk if he’s against prides or not.

Okay look, I DO know some complex words because I wanna appear cool and superior *cough* shhhh

But do you know that I’m also pretty stupid while using words? For example, here are some of the words I used in a handwritten note

~ *le cri*

~wanna/gonna/kinda/sorta/gotta/outta/gimme/lemme/watcha/dunno et cetera

~ I once signed off a note with (in my school. It was as a group birthday gift to the same boy I mentioned earlier) “#Potato [Harshita]” All the slang I use here is put out there. Everyone knows that I am a smol desi sassy potato and # is hash which is like the short form of my actual name ‘Harshita’. My best friend calls me by that during text messages and all

See the point is, I am not a Victorian English speaking woman with an impeccable accent and grammar. Most of the time, people don’t even understand what I’m saying cause they be too dumb. I cannot spit eloquent words for you on the spot. I am not a fcking robot. I sometimes can’t even remember words that I wanna remember. They come to my mind when they’re of no use.

Just keep in mind kiddos I AM NOT A DICTIONARY




*cue the sink of the Titanic*

I gotta move on before I die

Honestly, elated and explicit arent THAT complex.

2. “How do you find so much time to read?”

Look here Mr/ Mrs/ Xer XYZ who have their noses into textbooks the entire day and dream in physics and math,

I don’t.

But the thing is, I am extremely good at time management that I have a 25 page project due in a few days 😀

I am the supreme leader of time management.

I AM time management.

I only have time to read because

I eat books (that’s kind of cruel but you get the point)

I sleep books

I dream books

I bathe books

I drink books

I live books


My very existence depends on books.

If there were no books, Nor I or this blog would exist. And no joy.

3. “What is your favourite book”

Excuse me while I go yeet myself off a cliff and have an existential crisis

Favourite book?

Like in a series?

Which genre?

If it’s a series then which genre?

Can I say based on cover cause we should definitely ‘judge’ a book by its cover.

*is losing it*

Just like how you cannot make bisexuals choose, you cannot make us choose either. There are way too many ✨✨✨

And even if I mention a book there’s like 0.8% chance that you know the name of that book because I am PRETTY SURE that the only books you know are Harry Potter and Wimpy Kid.

Ain’t it funny how no one asks your favourite character?

You cannot just ask us to choose just ONE! Every piece of my heart belongs to different epic books and they refuse to combine to form one chemical reaction— sorry book.

And you don’t wanna mess with some bookworms cause they be ✨violent✨ You hurt them, I hurt you (in broken English please). We’re gonna come marching with 🔪🔪🔪 and 🗡🗡🗡 and 💣💣💣 We know fighting. We’ve been waiting for it our whole life. We’ve already been overthinking about dw😉

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand speaking of violence, that’s the next thing 🙂

4. “Why you gotta be so brute?”

I JUST had to fit that in for that song (Why you gotta be so rude). GOD IT’S BRUTAL OUT HERE

Do books make us violent or something like I mean…I make death threats every day. I say this word all the time “sethuru” which means “die” in Tamil. Is that Jude Duarte rubbing on us? Or Inej? Or Nina? Or Zoya? Or Annabeth?

I mean, it’s definitely not Feyre

Or the Ms. I hate to smell like desserts Clary

Petition for amazing daggers to be sold in the market which only bookworms can acquire✋🏻😫 Or maybe we can go on a quest or something to get awesome treasures and daggers! I wish I was a superhero with mystical powers in real life.

5. “You have no life other than reading”

To the person who said this~

You’re right of course

But it still hurt🥲

My life=reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. A man who never reads lives only one.”

George R. R. Martin

and also the famous


Bish I’m living multiple lives. Of course, it is happening inside my head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? ~Probably DUMBledore


I can’t think of any other things that bookworms get asked

Probably because people don’t talk to me XD

Why would they? I am so cool and awesome they’re jealous *internalized crying* I mean they do speak but only if I go speak to them first which is either very rare or ALL. THE. TIME.

I know this is a short post so forgive moi🤗 I might do a part 2 of this if I get new ideas 😀

Until then,


P.S. I ‘m kinda pissed off right now like for 2 days thanks to glitchreads. I had like 64 friend requests which I hadn’t cleared in a long time cause me is lazy and I was ignoring them yesterday but glitchreads decided to approve them! Instead of 63 friends and 152 followers, I had 120+ friends and 97 followers. The decrease in the following list kinda hurt because it’s a lot and I’ve worked for it making my reviews readable and all. IT’s like seeing all your hard work get thrown in the trash can. I think there’s a glitch or something so don’t approve or ignore your friend requests for some time now<3


28 thoughts on “Things I get told as my job is being a permanent bookworm

      1. I know right!

        Oh, I would be crazy in a bad way! I am crazy in a good way right now, and well, partly a good person, but that’s definitely all owing to books!

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 I’ve never laughed so hard! This was all too relatable, and this was such an awesome post!

    Oh…..don’t forget the most dreaded statement ever: “The movie is so much better than the books”. This’ll set most people off for sure 😂🥲


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