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City of Bones Review

The title is a clickbait (DID I CLCIKBAIT YOU DIVI?!). It’s not a review. You’ll understand soon *cough*

Hooman beings and aliens, I’m presenting to you, today, a song review for the ‘amazing’ book City of Bones based on the song Harry Potter in 99 seconds. Thank you dear song for existing🙂 Otherwise this song wouldn’t have been here.

(I do hope everyone knows this song right? Right? RIGHT?!🔪)

There once was a girl named Clary
Who was destined to be the one (or maybe not)
Her mother has hid her from who knows what
Now she’s got some people to annoy

Yo Clary! You’re a shadowhunter!

Clary goes to the institute
Jace is a natural blonde (who flexes on everyone)
The Quartet has some demons to fight
Clary’s not like other girls
Who hates to smell like desserts (Will Herondale: MONSTER!)
She’s got some issues she can’t solve (Bummer!)

There’s a mortal cup
Mundane’s transform
But the weak ones end up dying
Everyone fights for this cup
And that’s the whole plot of this novel

Clary blows on everyone
She ain’t thankful for anything
Luke’s a wolf
Her Mother’s gone
And Clary’s a pain in the arse
Simon drank some blue liquid
And now he is a rat
The vampires after a rat
I don’t really get it either

Clary gets put in a
Distressing situation (again!)
That requires some brain cell (but she ain’t got one)
Oh no!
Jace is around to save the day
He’s back

Valentine, Valentine, such a stupid name
Alec, Magnus, Izzy have no play anymore
Hodge Hodge, who’s gonna kill this
Betraying skunk (You always have a choice)
He’s forced to stay in institute
Werewolves are gonna save the night
Clace’s romance is dumb
Jace is now Clary’s brother


Jace, come to Idris
We’ll be evil together
No, daddy (DON’T. SEXUALISE.)
You took Clary from me! (Dude, technically she’s your ‘sister’)

There once was a girl named Clary
Who had to choose between two idiots
The decision was such a turmoil
She let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding


This book also has a ‘not like other boys’. cries
Clary is the very definition of annoying
*looks up annoying on dictionary*
*sees Clary*

And Clary, my love, put your stupid nose outta Izzy’s business. ISABELLE IS QUEEN. SHE DOESN’T NEED YOUR OPINION TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL SO STOP WITH YOUR HATE
Simon is a rat
He didn’t strike me as a great deal

To all the people who feel bad for not reading this, you are lucky😌
This series rids of all your brain cells
The hype for Cassandra Clare’s series is bigger than Jace’s ego which is saying something…

And what’s with the yellow cover?
Is it supposed to be Jace? Ew.
And—why, why is it yellow
loses it
Definitely judge a book by it’s cover

~City of Bones
Are you yellow just for me?

City of Bones
Please throw yourselves into pits of hell

Who knows?
That my faith in humanity is g—go—gone?

This song is City of Stars. Its really amazing. Listen to it instead of wasting your time on this series.

Thank you Ishu for giving me the song review idea!

Please do check out her song review for this book book here.

(There are too many links in this post, why not add more?)

Check out this review on Goodreads here


Note: I haven’t posted anything in a long time. I planned one for yesterday but I wasn’t able to complete it sworry. Praying to the saints that everyone (almost everyone) likes this.

14 thoughts on “City of Bones Review

  1. So this is how you take revengeeeeeeee?!!!! Nice one there Aashi🙂
    Cool clickbait. My friend’s always screaming about Cassandra Clare and so are you, here, my life is invaded by all you stans.
    Waiting for what you write next!

    Liked by 1 person

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