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Study Tips for Survival

Hallo Dregs and welcome back to my YouTube channel oh wait—nvm.

My exams have ended and they went bad *nervous laughter* but it doesn’t matter because at least I tried my best right? I studied hard and I still didn’t get the marks I expected. Why?

My study techniques were bad. Apparently cramming up and practicing 8 hours of Math the day before the exam doesn’t get you good grades 🙂

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Book Recommendations

Summer of Love: Recommendations

Shawn Mendes, the singer of many awesome songs, has released a new song today called ‘Summer of Love’ which YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT. The song gives out summer vibes, a bit too late for that but it gave me an idea to give summer recs. Too late for that too. Iconic.

As long as I am concerned, if it’s hot out, it’s summer.

It’s still hot. It’s summer. End of the story. What season is it now anyway? Spring?

Anyway, let’s get to the recommendations which is going to have both books I have read and books I haven’t but more on the latter.

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Reviews and Rants

Letters to the Lost captures my heart: A Review

“We’re all united by grief, and somehow divided by the same thing.”

Trigger Warnings: school shooting joke, grief, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, car accident, cheating, the death of a sibling, the death of a parent, alcoholism

Buddy read with all the people here! (Bhavya, Nashita, Mrunal, Stuti, Nefeli, Anshika)

This book is a freaking masterpiece!

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Book VS Movie #1

My days were already going horrible so I thought, ‘Why not make it worse?’ So I decided to watch the Percy Jackson and the lightning thief to torture myself.

The first in the series ‘Book vs Movie‘ is going to be the one that did us all injustice. Yes you guessed it, PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF! (I know I already informed this🤦🏻‍♀️)

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Melody~ A poem by Aashi


I can smell the melody
Pleasant as the sunlight at dawn
My senses are messed up
But they spit facts of wisdom

Have tea with solitude
Had a dine with the truth
My eyes plunged with betoken
Of words left unspoken

My heart bled gold, still bleeding
Curse the glitter left indulging 
Now the hunger is feeding
Something in my throat bulging

Every soul is a melody which needs renewing

Stephane Mallarme

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Things YA authors do that irks me


Today, hooman beings and aliens, I will be discussing things that YA authors do that just pisses me off (oops a curse word already!) Irks is a fancy word…I prefer pisses.

We love most of the YA authors and support them for writing *insert a ya book you like* (Who am I kidding?! Of course not! We hate them for killing off our favorite characters. Looking at you @Rick Riordan, @JK Rowling @James Dashner @George R R Martin @Leigh Bardugo and others)

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